Active Computer Service Co.,Ltd.
9/41 Soi Onnuch 74/4, Onnuch Road,Pravate,Bangkok.10250
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Company Profile

    Active Computer Service Co.,Ltd. was established in 2004 by 5 executives and engineers who have had servicing experience from the top computer companies of Thailand for over 20 years. This working team specializes in providing service such as consultancy and design, installation, Supervision, and itegration of full networks systems of computer products with the consideration and awareness of business transaction of customers' companies that have a variety of needs these days.


Be the company that emphasizes on service and consultancy in computer system for all levels of customer by adhering to sincerity in business operation in order that customers gain highest benefits and satisfactions.


1. To be the company running computer business in relation to management, finding out guideline, and providing services in order that customers gain highest benefits and satisfactions;

    2. To be the company running business under the good governance rule that focusing on highest benefits of all parties, both customes and the company;

    3. To generate the difference appearing to customers for comparing with services provided by competitors in creation of value added to customers;

    4. To be alliance of supplies of computer's products, hardware, and software to manage and design the system as deemed appropriate according to the need of customers for highest benefits;

    5. To develop and improve efficiency of employees and working systems to earn efficiency and performance according to the determined standard and to keep up with the change of technology;

    6. To establish satisfaction of customers both before and after provided services to cause loyally to the organization;

    7. To provide equity and benefits to all parts of the working team equally.

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